Dental Implants

Restore your confidence and get your smile back.

Dental Implants: The Best Solution to Replace Missing Teeth

A diagram of the three parts of a dental implant: Crown, abutment, and titanium post

Are you missing one tooth or multiple teeth? Whether it’s a single tooth or a full arch on your upper or lower jaw, dental implants at our Kimball and Mitchell dental offices are the best solution to restore your confidence.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that mimics the look and feel of a natural tooth. It consists of three parts: the post, abutment, and the crown. The synthetic post is placed into the jaw to replicate a natural tooth root. The post is topped with an abutment and custom-made crown to restore your smile’s function and look.

At Dental Care Center, we offer multiple dental implant options:

  • Single or multiple dental implants
  • Implant-retained dentures

Dental Implants Not Only Give You Your Smile Back...

... they give you your life back!
Someone biting into an apple after getting dental implants

Eat and Speak Confidently

Imagine: You bite into an apple, savoring every bite. Then, you start chatting with friends without worrying about slurring your words. Dental implants can make that happen. They are secure and function exactly like your natural teeth.

Female friends laughing confidently after getting dental implants

Smile and Laugh Out Loud

Now imagine laughing and smiling with loved ones without the fear of covering your mouth. Dental implants look beautiful and blend seamlessly with your natural smile. Under the care of our dentists in Kimball and Mitchell, SD, we’re confident you’ll love your new smile.

A happy couple who look amazing and taking a selfie after getting dental implants

You’ll Look and Feel Amazing

When you’re missing teeth, your jawbone begins to deteriorate. This makes your face sink in, giving you the ‘saggy’ look. Because implants mimic your tooth root, it stabilizes your jawbone and halts the deterioration process.

Dentist in Mitchell, SC, Dr. Eric Veurink looking at a potential dental implant case

Conservative Dental Option

Dental implants are considered the best restorative dental option to replace missing teeth. Why? Drs. Jennifer and Eric Veurink do not need to prep/reduce your surrounding teeth, saving healthy tooth structure.

Why Choose Dental Care Center with Drs. Jennifer and Eric Veurink?

Dentists in Mitchell and Kimball, SD, Eric and Jennifer Veurink with the Implant Pathway logo

At Dental Care Center, we believe in being your advocates for high-quality, convenient, and affordable dentistry. That’s why we go great lengths to give you everything you need under the same roof.

  • Dental implants done under one roof
    When it comes to placing the dental implant, you would need to travel to a specialist. This results in you bouncing around office-to-office, which is inconvenient for you and costs more money.

    Not anymore!

    Dr. Eric Veurink can place your dental implant right here in our office. This means you can see the same friendly faces from start to finish, saving you time and money.

  • Comfortable dental technology
    Technology does wonders – even in the dental industry! We implement 3D imaging technology to make your implant results more accurate and predictable. You can be confident your smile is in excellent hands.

    We also use BioHorizons Dental Implants, which are durable and creates a pleasing esthetic result.

  • Top-notch education
    Becoming a dental provider to place dental implants surgically takes a lot of education and training to ensure the best, most successful results. Dr. Eric Veurink took on that challenge and is a graduate of Implant Pathway, completing extensive courses and hands-on training to place and restore dental implants.
Dentists in Mitchell and Kimball, SD, Eric and Jennifer Veurink with the Implant Pathway logo
‘‘Always friendly, and easy to work with. The entire staff does a great job at keeping this money maker looking good!!’’

Weston (Actual Patient)

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